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Entry #2

Two new submissions

2009-06-26 20:55:49 by Insane-metal-angel

I made two new submissions to the Art portal today. One is a hand made pencil drawing like my clown but this one being based off my little brother. Another is a photo of my baby cousin that I enhanced and spent about half an hour playing with on "paint", so it's fairly altered to enough to be submitted and not thought of as photography . . . I just hope I get scouted soon. :P

The picture below is the one of my baby cousin, titled "Dramatic blood red juice".

Two new submissions


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2009-06-29 19:55:40

no comments yet? oh well.


2009-07-06 06:22:07

cool. but it doesnt look like a drawing

Insane-metal-angel responds:

well the picture I posted was computer art. I submitted a pencil sketch with it but news posts only allow one photo at a time.